Chargers & Adapters
Anton Bauer

4.4Ah, 65Wh, 14.8V
4 level LED,
101x152x41 mm,
530 gramm
Li-ion technology

6.6Ah, 95Wh, 14.8V
4 level LED,
101x152x47 mm,
705 gramm
Li-ion technology
8.8Ah, 130Wh, 14.8V
4 level LED,
101x152x58 mm,
910 gramm
Li-ion technology
11Ah, 160Wh, 14.8V
4 level LED,
101x152x58 mm,
1095 gramm
Li-ion technology
Beillen AB-Type Li-ion batteries are compatible with cameras using Anton/Bauer type Gold mount batteries (Panasonic DVCPRO, JVC Digital-S).
Can be charged with Beillen chargers.

As the official local distributor of Beillen broadcast batteries, we are looking for distribution partners in Europe.

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Stunning performance - incredible price!
NP1, V-Lock, Anton Bauer (Gold mount)
for BETACAM, DVCAM, etc. pro systems
LG battery cells
Simultaneous charger
Li-ion technology
No memory effect
One year warranty
ISO 9001:2000