Chargers & Adapters

A/B charger and AC adapter
2 channel, simultaneous,
Input: AC90~242V, 47~63Hz
Charger: 16.8V, 3.0A,
DC: 15.0V, 4.0A,
140x116x225 mm, 990 gr,
for Li-ion batteries

A/B charger and AC adapter
4 channel, simultaneous,
Input: AC90~242V, 47~63Hz,
Charger: 16.8V, 3.0A,
DC: 15.0V, 4.0A,
240x126x185 mm, 2900 gr,
for Li-ion batteries
V-Lock mount

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Stunning performance - incredible price!
NP1, V-Lock, Anton Bauer (Gold mount)
for BETACAM, DVCAM, etc. pro systems
LG battery cells
Simultaneous charger
Li-ion technology
No memory effect
One year warranty
ISO 9001:2000
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